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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000452    IDE / otherminornew2011-11-22Error/Warning: syntax error, unexpected '+', expecting ';' at line 88 at MsgFileElementEx
  0000445    simulation kernelminornew2011-11-17Segmentation fault on deleting message
  0000442    IDE / NED editorfeaturenew2011-11-15Definition of additional image search pathes for NED editor
  00004411   IDE / INI editorminorresolved (andras)2011-11-15Can not save INI files in background build step
  00004391   IDE / NED editormajorresolved (andras)2011-11-14modulinterface inheritance is nor resolved correctly
  00004371   Installer / Productizingmajorresolved (andras)2011-11-14Download link OMNeT++ 4.2rc2 win32 (source + IDE + MINGW, zip) results in 4.2rc1 download
  00004312   IDE / NED editormajorresolved (rhornig)2011-11-11NullPointerException if I remove one or all connections from a module which extends another one with submodules and connections
  0000435    IDE / NED editorminornew2011-11-11Severity of undefined parameter message should be changed from warning to info
  00004011   runtime / Cmdenvminornew2011-11-09Print event banner when the simulation terminates
  0000434 1 simulation kernelminornew2011-11-09Two stage module finish
  0000433    simulation kernelminornew2011-11-09Delete messages sent while finishing
  00004322   IDE / NED editorfeaturenew2011-11-09Extending vectorized submodule in inherited module
  000042611 IDE / sequence chartmajornew2011-11-01Evetlog Viewer problem, (Could not open the editor: An exception was thrown during initialization)
  0000423    IDE / NED editorminornew2011-10-24Copy/paste does not work during in-place rename of NED types, submodules etc in graphical mode
  0000422    command line toolsminornew2011-10-24OPP-Message generator for simtime_t member variables does not honor the simtime_t_cref construct
  0000421    command line toolsminornew2011-10-24Message const& getter method is not good c++
  00004182   command line toolsmajorresolved (rhornig)2011-10-19No user interface (Cmdenv, Tkenv, etc.) found when compiling with GCC 4.6 in Ubuntu 11.10
  0000376    IDE / sequence chartminornew (levy)2011-10-13The last char of the user message in event log is chopped
  00004151   simulation kernelfeaturenew2011-10-03cModule initialization status - optimisation
  0000411    simulation kernelfeaturenew2011-09-15Add back kB, MB, GB, TB as decimal byte multiples
  00003694   simulation kernelminorresolved (andras)2011-09-15Problems with unit names
  0000402    IDE / NED editorminorresolved (andras)2011-09-14Ctrl+Tab does not work in text mode
  0000219    runtime / Cmdenvminorresolved (andras)2011-09-14express mode still prints out all of the initialization messages
  00003281   simulation kernelminorresolved (andras)2011-09-14componentInitBegin is too spammy
  000041021 IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (andras)2011-09-14Dependencies for generated files are sometimes not included in the makefile
  00004062   IDE / sequence chartminornew (levy)2011-09-12init message is always logged
  0000409    runtime / Tkenvminornew2011-09-09messages duplicated in popup
  00004081   simulation kernelmajorresolved (andras)2011-09-08Declaration of Makro ev in cenvir.h interferes with boost::system
  00003641   IDE / C++ developmentmajorresolved (andras)2011-08-31Renaming or deleting a "makemake" folder permanently breaks build
  00003911   simulation kernelfeaturenew2011-08-30Allow connections defined in a baseclass to be overridden in a subclasses.
  0000405    IDE / sequence chartminornew (levy)2011-08-29deleting message whose duplication was sent shows 'deleting message <unknown>'
  0000403    IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (rhornig)2011-08-17Makemake option dialog does not accept dash (-) as target name
  00003851   IDE / INI editorminorresolved (andras)2011-08-16Hover info for parameter does not display the module type
  0000397 1 IDE / INI editorminornew2011-08-08"Unused entry" warning in omnetpp.ini when using the "like" keyword
  0000396    IDE / INI editorminornew (tomi)2011-08-06Drop-down hyperlink list for '**' should be filtered for duplicates, and ordered
  00003192   Installer / Productizingfeatureresolved (rhornig)2011-08-02add Visual Studio 2010 support
  00001741   documentationtrivialresolved (rhornig)2011-08-02Rock solid solution to run the IDE on 64 bit windows
  00001681   IDE / result analysisminornew (rhornig)2011-07-27Cut & Past does not work in browse data filter input line
  000038411 simulation kernelminorresolved (rhornig)2011-07-26Deep passing of parameters in NED files causes crash
  0000382    IDE / NED editorminornew2011-07-18Comment disappears on parse/print (e.g. Ctrl+O)
  00003811   IDE / simulation launcherminorresolved (andras)2011-07-15Folders cannot be launched
  00001002   simulation kernelfeaturenew2011-07-15Reordering of run numbers would help to support variable number of repetitions
  0000380    simulation kernelminornew2011-07-15Wrong quoting of repetion labels
  00003343   IDE / C++ developmenttweakresolved (andras)2011-07-12Makemake page usability: replace Generated/Custom/No Makefile buttons with radio buttons
  00002511   simulation kernelminorresolved (andras)2011-07-09It is not possible to contribute result filters and recorders from model code
  0000370    IDE / NED editorminornew2011-07-06NED text editor does not recognize pattern assignments and typename assignments
  0000363    simulation kernelminornew (levy)2011-06-24EventlogFileManager incorrectly assumes that sputn always takes a whole line terminated with '\n' as argument
  00002491   simulation kernelminorresolved (andras)2011-06-19UnitConversion should be available to model code
  00002501   documentationminorresolved (andras)2011-06-19Define_NED_Function2() is undocumented
  0000359    simulation kernelfeaturenew2011-06-17suggestion: add a getRequiredAttribute(attrName) function to cXMLElement class
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